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ESCO Support Services

When ESCO’s project development and sales teams are faced with a compressed PC project development schedule, EBCx Services provides technical support to assist. ESCO’s project development workload can ramp up quickly, creating a challenge to provide enough in-house resources to effectively handle the fieldwork and associated reporting/deliverables that are required for success.

To effectively move a challenging project forward to the next step and final award, carefully planned resource allocation and project development planning are critical for success.

Working as a sub-consultant member of the project development team, EBCx Services provides technical support from the initial preliminary assessment through the IGA level stage. EBCx Services works with your team to help “expand the bench” during periods of heavy resource demand.

Additionally, EBCx Services provides Project Management, Commissioning, and TAB support during the construction phase, and when required, M&V support post-construction. The type of assistance that we provide during each phase is listed below:

Please note that work can be adjusted to accommodate specific project or process requirements, including a targeted approach of areas such as large scale RCx initiatives or central chilled water plant upgrade


Preliminary Assessment (PA) Phase:

  • Review available as-built drawings to understand general equipment/systems in each building.
  • Perform a cursory review of available BAS graphics for each building and obtain screenshots to obtain a high-level understanding of the control system structure and identify possible issues that drive energy waste. Trending and storage capability of the BAS will be identified. Additionally, if critical points are not available on the BAS, it will be noted where localized use of data loggers will be required during the IGA phase.
  • Perform a site survey of each building to obtain the necessary information to write a report of the as-found data including onsite utility meters, generators, HVAC equipment/systems, control system, and general retrofit opportunities for the mechanical and control system. If the building does not require mechanical or control retrofits, the opportunity for RCx will be identified.
  • Meet with the Facility Manager to understand facility use, occupancy, scheduling, and any widespread or ongoing general issues including indoor air quality, comfort, and reliability concerns.
  • Write a report for each building that summarizes the existing conditions and recommended ECMs. HVAC-related ECMs will include both mechanical retrofits/upgrades and control system modifications that yield maximum energy cost savings.